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Uniform waste

Lots of uniform waste including corporate and school uniform can't be properly recycled due to brand image value.

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In the production process, there are usually lots of off-cut and pre-consumer wastes generated and not being able to recycle. 

Limit Supply

The global demand for recycled polyester is on the rise while the existing supply is facing on-going issues with reduced fibre quality. 

Increase CO2 Production

Having these textile waste not being able to recycle properly generates far more CO2 in landfill & incinerators than recycle them




Increase demand

With more than 70 international brands signed up for GFA's 2020 Circular Fashion Commitment, there are more recycled polyester demand that can't be fulfilled by current recycled plastic bottle polyester.

Save waste polyester

Through our separation technology, 22.2 million tonne of waste polyester can be potentially saved.

Reduction of CO2

Through recycling these waste polyester, it is estimated that more than 30% of CO2 can be saved compared to virgin polyester production. 

Our ground breaking fibre separation technology is solvent-free, and it focuses on blended fibres such as poly, cotton, and other plant base natural cellulosic fibres, poly/cotton and poly/cellulosic fibres mixture.


It has enabled us to fulfil the forever missing part of the supply chain - recycling textile waste to new fibre source. Hence we represent the technical part between textile recyclers and new fibre production. And we are unique because:

Hence PHOENXT acts as a bridge between end of life cycle textiles and raw material supply, creating new materials from the existing waste without extracting more natural resources

  • Solvent-Free Technology - good for the environment

  • Maintain Fibre Quality

  • Focus on Mixed Fibres Recycling

  • Target the Biggest waste market



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To develop and commercialise its circular recycling technology and to offer an effective, sustainable, environmental solution to stakeholders. 


We are tasked to build the innovative recycling technology to translate our vision into action, closing the gap between textile waste and new fibre production.

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Are you one of the following?



We can help you to take care of your textile waste by:

  • providing a truly sustainable solution for your textile waste

  • contributing to a circular economy

  • reducing your organisation's ecological footprint 

  • getting you in contact with your closest Phoenxt recycling partner


We help you transform your existing processes to completely circular model by:

  • partnering with our technology

  • helping set up new processes & service offering to underserve textile waste sectors


We support yarn producers by:

  • providing you a new method to obtain high quality recycled polyester

  • creating a new line of business opportunity

  • generating additional revenue through applying for our new state-of-the-art technology in your business


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Advisory Board

Meet The Team

Edwina Huang

Co-Founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn - Edwina Huang

Edwina came from the Sustainable Fashion Industry, and has founded Vivify Textiles and Ethical Fashion Room Podcast. Edwina comes from a Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Background. She has been invited to be guest speakers for key Sustainable Fashion Events, won Second in Hightex Award as well as been interviewed on TV previously.

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Dr. Raha Saremi


  • LinkedIn - Raha Serami

Raha has both master of Textile & Fibre Science & Engineering and PhD of Polymer, Fibre & Textile Sciences. She is an entrepreneur at heart, and she specialises in textile, fibre, polymer technology, and engineering. She also has more than 15 years of experience in engineering, research, and product development. 

Advisory Board

Dr. Bernard Wong

Non-Executive Director

Chairman of CEO institute, Professor of USYD & Macquarie

Sam Sun

Capital Advisor

Ex - Partner of Sequoia Capital China

Non-Executive Director

Co-founder and CTO at Moolec Science

Salah Said

Fashion Advisor

Ex-Senior Strategic Projects Manager of Zealando

Robert Harrisson

IP & Patent Advisor

Ex Patent Lawyer of Goretex;

EU Trademark & Design; IP & Patent Attorney

Tom Szaky

Commercialisation Advisor

Founder & CEO of TerraCycle

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