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Fashion Revolution with PHOENXT

- credit to Matthew McCarty

A spectre is haunting the fashion industry - the spectre of sustainability.

As the turmoil of the world has made 2020 one of the most unprecedented and abysmal years in this century, what has become increasingly obvious is that the world is ready for change. A revolution is brewing in all corners of the world, and the fashion industry is no exception.

With its massive contribution to environmental degradation, poisoning waters and soil, building mountains of waste that only grow higher, fast fashion has created deep wounds on our planet that will take long to heal. But change is coming. The false claims by fast fashion that feign sustainability have fooled many, even though these are simply thinly veiled lies meant to deceive consumers into the illusion of “ethical consumption.” Fast fashion has done nothing to change its model, its core structure, which is at the heart of why this industry produces so much harm to the environment in the first place.

This is why Phoenxt exists. We cannot sit idly by as CO2 levels in the atmosphere grow larger and larger while the temperatures rise higher and higher. We cannot watch our rivers and oceans become increasingly full of waste at the cost of a pair of jeans. Rather, we envision a world where both fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand. It doesn’t have to be the case that fashion comes at the cost of our planet.

The core of Phoenxt rests on the principle of recycling textiles to extract reusable fibres that maintain their integrity without harming the planet. And together with our sister company, Vivify Textiles, we can work across brands and communities to recycle, reduce, and reuse textile waste. Not only can we guarantee our model will significantly reduce harm to the planet, it will also change the fundamental structure of business models that cause massive environmental damage for massive profits.

So, as the smog from the billowing pyres of fashion’s largest factories wafts into the sky and eviscerates our atmosphere, we must ask ourselves how much longer we can handle this. The world is now on life support and change is needed more than ever. The future is ours for the taking, and the time to take it is now.

Join Phoenxt in this revolution. Together, we can make change happen.

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